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Wastewater Facilities

A large portion of Sinns & Thomas' business lies in Water, Wastewater Treatment and Water Distribution Facilities. Our high standards and quality installations have earned us a reputation as the best in our industry statewide.We have been very successful in being awarded these projects and then, of course, building them.
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Alternative Energy

Alternative Energy Sources are here and will become the focus for business and individuals in the near future. We are ahead of our industry and seamlessly work with General Contractors, Architects, Inspectors and Energy Consultants to provide the most effective photovoltaic packages to tie into the grid and provide blackout protection for Solar Electrical Systems.
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Industrial Facilities

Sinns & Thomas also builds infrastructure for Power Plants and Industrial Facilities. We have the resources and expertise to perform all of the electrical, systems and instrumentation required on a project. Our industrial plant facility contractors the resources and expertise to perform all of the Industrial, Municipal and Environmental Electrical services and instrumentation required on a project.
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We provide professional commercial electrical contractor services for industrial installations that consist of large duct banks, with considerable conduit and wire, buried deep in the ground with steel reinforced concrete encasement. Contact us today if you need a bid!


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